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Large Urn - installed A Large Urn

60" - five feet tall

Another architectural project fabricated from a design by our client Thierry Despont

The original urn & molds were made - and the final pieces were cast  - at Victor Bono Sculpture Studio in Delaware Township, NJ.

A two-piece rubber mold was made to cast these five foot-tall decorative urns. Three of thes urns were cast, each required over 300 pounds of plaster.

They were installed at the entrance to a private residence in Florida.
Urn in mold after casting

The original urn that Victor made from Thierry's design as it is prepared to be molded. Shellac coating helps protect the surface and assures release from the mold material.

Urn and casting assistant
Note the size of the finished urn in comparison to Victor's assistant

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Urn, glazed The original piece, prior to casting...  

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