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The Cherub & The Fish
"Putto with Koi"
by Morris Doktor

completed March 24, 2012

Morris Doktor's Cherub and Fountain Fish reside on  a bench beside a small dam near a pond on a private residence.

Water from the pond pours out of the mouth of the fish, which is being touched from above by the cherub Victor cast for Morris recently.

Victor took Morris' original clay sculptures and reproduced them for him in bonded bronze, complete with a fine patina.

Morris Doktor's Cherbu & Fountain Fish - installed

  photo above by Morris Doktor
Morris Doktor's Fountain Fish
Morris Doktor's Fountain Fish

Original Concept Drawing below:

Morris Doktor's Fountain Fish & Cherrub Desiign
Morris Doktor's Cherbu & Fountain Fish - installed A

view of

Putto and Koi

in it's final setting.

photo by Morris Doktor

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